Friday, October 31, 2008

This is my new car, "Mini Driver." I love her.

George Clooney After All

Celebrity Sighting

Out from the hedge
a dog bursts into view
stops dead, regards us
my dogs and me
on our morning walk
her owner appears
apologizes for letting
her get away said he
was distracted by an Eagle
Osprey, no, a Bald Eagle
yellow talons, has sighted two
excited I rounded the hedge
beheld a huge bird of prey
perched atop an electric pole
Monk Parrot nest beneath

White head, black body
green sky of frenzied parrots
paparazzi like I raced home
grabbed camera, binoculars
returned to find majestic bird
still perched head swiveling
slowly back and forth regarding
screeching green menace
I steadied the camera
pressed the shutter just
before the bird took flight
binoculars to eyes, Osprey
sighted, no George Clooney
but this Brad Pitt would do

George Clooney

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Reinterpretation of 1st painting

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My first painting

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On my street one day!

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My apple interpretation
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