Saturday, November 15, 2008

Along The Lake

Limpkins dig apple snails
shells picked clean necklace
lake's lush green bodice
turtle heads slip beneath
great blue spears bass
slams it on the ground again
again ducks tip tails at pink sky
orange legs stick above water
two great white egrets land
black legs, pointed yellow beaks
enormous white wings raise
territorial dance around each other
one gives swoops across snagged
alligator thrashing under moon black night


Mary said...

Wonderful poem about some of the natural inhabitants in your area! So glad you are sharing your poetry here.I enjoy your nature photography too.

Judy said...

What a great poem. I love the feel of it and the photos are incredible. I love that I can "see" so much just by reading your poem. Great work!

zellies said...

I loved that poem. It was like
seeing a short film of nature at it's best.

SeaStar said...

I love the way you pack the images of life as richly as they are packed in wetlands. Perfect pairing of style and subject.