Sunday, November 9, 2008

My "Boys"

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Peggy said...

How fun to see your boys Willow! I don't think I've ever seen a photo of Russ before. And of course the furry children are beautiful!

Mary said...

I love the picture and the title. Three handsome 'boys' for sure!

SeaStar said...

I haven't seen a picture of Russ before either - sweet to see him here with his armsfull of furry boys. They are very appealing dogs - probably would be my first choice among small breeds. I think in the end, I'm a big dog person, though (for myself).

Judy said...

What fun to see your boys here, Diane. Russ looks younger and better than he did when I saw him those years ago! How did he do that??? Your furry boys are precious, I love seeing them all grown up. :)
This blogging idea is a great one. I will look forward to your entries.

zellies said...

Seeing all "Your Boys" brought
Polo to mind. I had a giggle when
remembering Polo watching "dogs on TV"..LOL..What a great dog!
Great picture!

Ann said...

LOVE this picture of your boys, DianeB! This deserves to be enlarged and put in a place on honor.