Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter gift at Green Cay

Black-Necked Stilts, my first sighting on Easter Sunday was a thrill
along with Purple Gallinule
baby Moorhens, baby name a few
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Peggy said...

Great photos Diane! We have many of the black-necked stilts here all winter but rarely see a moorhen (mostly coots) and have never seen the purple guil...

When we were in the Netherlands i saw and identified 15 new birds! (with the help of the Internet). Here at home the last couple days have been good at my home feeder--a beautiful black-headed grosbeak, white-crowned sparrows (just starting to show up) along with all the usual house finches and house sparrows -- and both an Allen's and Anna's hummingbird visiting the flowers in our garden.

I have not been very successful at taking good photos of the birds lately though. I really like yours.

Victoria said...

Black necked stilts have such striking coloring. Always bring a smile from me. Cool, Peg, about the fifteen new birds in the Netherlands. Were you birding yet when you lived there?

Judy Roney said...

Is this at the treatment center, Diane. These are marvelous. They don't even look real they are so stiff. :)