Friday, April 10, 2009


Sometimes memory gets away
from us

sometimes its okay
we manage

sometimes its not
we are

sometimes it sucks

Diane Belleville


Ann said...

So happy you're writing, Diane! Wahoo! I almost felt cleansed reading about water. And sometimes memory does suck....on many levels.

Judy Roney said...

I'm glad you are adding to your blog again, Diane. This poem is so sad and heart felt. Memory is something precious as we get older because it's one of my great fears; loosing mine. Sending good health wishes to Russ and you.

Mary said...

Glad to see you posting your poems in your blog again, Diane. I had kept checking.

This poem is heart-breaking / truth / life.

Continue to write and share here.

Peggy said...

So glad to see you here in your blog again. I have been checking regularly and had almost given up! Of course you know I think you are a gifted poet and I have missed seeing your work!

I am impressed that you can write about this topic of memory with it being such a central issue for you and Russ these days. Reading your work makes me realize I have not written a word about the big C -- regarding Steve or our friend in the Netherlands we just visited (who has taken a very serious turn this week). I think it just takes me some time to get these things processed into my writing. Took a long time for Africa to get there.

Love to you.

Victoria said...

Sometimes it does suck. And good times or awful, you do have a writier's gift for sharing. Thank you.